Operation Rohrabacher: A Plan To Finally Secure The Border

Recent news reports say Orange County Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher is co-sponsoring federal legislation that orders 3,000 National Guard troops "to secure" the U.S.-Mexico border.

We should all take Rohrabacher's plan seriously because of his impressive military expertise that goes back 40 years to when he avoided combat duty--well, okay, all military service--during the Vietnam War

We have, however, seen him wear natty all white outfits in public, perhaps in homage to a naval fantasy he secretly harbors.

But let's do the math on Operation Rohrabacher. Our border with Mexico stretches 1,952 miles. His plan to station 3,000 troops there means on average that they'll be less than one soldier standing every half a mile. Surely, that scenario would be so frightening that would-be illegal immigrants would take a gaze, see the lone soldier in the distance, sigh in frustration and turn around.

It's the congressman's present day version of the Maginot Line that saved France from an easy German invasion in World War II. 

Oops, wait a minute. The Maginot Line didn't work either.

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly

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