Opening of Local CNG Dispenser Has an Unusual Back Story

A compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling dispenser opening at a San Juan Capistrano Shell gas station, while unusual, certainly isn't going to bring out the big media spotlight.

But a life-changing event brought the owner and engineer of Go Natural Gas at 28662 Camino Capistrano together. You might even call 26-year-old owner Joshua Radwan a real American hero.

Environmental engineer Tim Nelligan, 31, of San Clemente, certainly would.

As the Orange County Register reported back in March, Radwan--who manages more than 100 employees at several family-owned businesses that include gas stations and off-road racing concerns--was driving home for lunch north on the 5 freeway just before his Nellie Gale Ranch exit when he saw smoke, a dark Hyundai SUV on its left side and an Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme that the Hyundai had slammed into the back of.

Radwan pulled onto the right shoulder to pass cars and get a better look, as by now a five-car pileup had ensued. After taking stock of everyone else being safe and where they should be, Radway realized the driver must still be in the Cutlass, which had flames coming out of the back of it.

Amid the chaos and even an explosion, Radwan and some other local heroes pulled Nelligan out of the Cutlass and to safety.

Nelligan was later treated at local hospitals for a concussion and third-degree burns to his wrist and hand. During his recovery, he met with Radwan and his other rescuers. At some point, Radwan offered to throw Nelligan some environmental engineering work when he was up to it.

Which brings us to Wednesday's opening of Radwan's CNG fueling dispenser at Go Natural Gas, which engineer Nelligan is scheduled to help toast alongside his boss and hero.


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