Oops. Forgot One More NBFF Short That'll Push Your Buttons

Oops. Forgot One More NBFF Short That'll Push Your Buttons

Cleaning out my book bag this morning, I noticed the DVD screener for Push Button House, which is playing at the Newport Beach Film Festival, wedged between the seams and realized it belonged in yesterday's post on 8 solid NBFF shorts. So make that 9 solid NBFF shorts. This too-brief documentary by Robert Profusek and Ryan Silbert follow architectural pioneer (and natural screen presence) Adam Kalkin as he prepares to unveil a shipping container that--with the push of a button--automatically converts into an ultra-modern, pre-fab house. This is actually a follow-up project to the shipping container Kalkin debuted at the 2007 Venice Biennale to raves. Besides giving a possible glimpse into Earth's housing future, the film clicks as it captures all the craftsmen struggling to make Kalkin's vision a reality and the architect making snap decisions on every detail. Anyone who has been to a shi-shi museum openings filled with expensive-eyeglass-affixed snobs will appreciate similar scenes here. It would have been great to know more about the original push-button house, though, so viewers could understand why everyone tells Kalkin at the end that they like his sequel much better. Edwards Island 2. Sat., 9:30 a.m.

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