One More Thing

Your Anaheim Ducks have been quite the hockey sensation this year, but I wouldn't know. See, I bought season tickets last year in anticipation of a great season, but I've only been to one game—a hot girlfriend who hates sports will do that to you. Hundreds of dollars—gone. Ah, love.

There are seven games left, so I'm going to give them away rather than let the Ducks ducats go to waste. Hey, readers: wanna see the Ducks, their brick wall of a goalie named Jean-Sebastian Giguere, the wide smile and many goals of Teemu Selanne? I'll give them to the person who, in 25 words or less, can tell me best why a hockey franchise should be named after ducks. No mention allowed of the Disney movie that spawned Anaheim's lame name or the Donald Duck cartoon where he takes on Huey, Dewie, and Louie in a pond rink. Send all entries to Deadline is Tuesday, March 13—just in time for you to see the Ducks face the Columbus Blue Jackets. And remember: if you've got a mate who doesn't like sports, don't buy season tickets.

—Gustavo Arellano

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