One More Out the Door

Honestly, sometimes it all seems like a mutant Agatha Christie novel, in which the party guests disappear one by one.  It started quietly enough back in October, when art director Heather Swaim left, politely declining to discuss the why's and wherefore's of her decision to leave.  Lately, the body count has skyrocketed.  And now the Weekly has lost one more:  editor, blogfather, and all-around mensch, Matt Coker.

Matt is leaving to become the editor of the Sacramento News & Review (not just News, not just a Review, like Certs, it's "Two, two, two mints in one!").  Unlike most people faced with relocating to Sacramento, Matt actually seems to be looking forward to it.  And why not?  In addition to being the state capital, Sacramento is known for… for… give me a minute… for being the hometown of Sherwood "Shakey" Johnson, founder of Shakey's Pizza, America's leading chain of palsy-themed pizza parlors.  (Sorry, Matt.  It was the best I could do on short notice.) The N & R's pursuit of Matt is certainly understandable-- great editor, exceptional writer, excellent human being-- and now that it has him, the results will no doubt be brilliant.  It's about time there was something in Sacramento that could be described as brilliant.


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