One Clerk Too Busy to Help Would-Be Armed Robber, Second Speaks No English

The Garden Grove Police Department released the photos you see in this post as they seek the public's help in identifying a serial armed robbery suspect.

The chap in the powder blue cap has hit both pedestrians and businesses, according to police.

His first known victim was a motorist at Dale Street and

Garden Grove Boulevard.

The man was kidnapped at gunpoint and taken to an ATM where he was forced to remove cash.

When the same baddie took his gun into local fast-food joints, he was not as successful, however.

Police say he sashayed into a Korean BBQ restaurant late on March 15 and displayed a handgun--the international sign for emptying the cash in the register.

But the clerk told Vanilla Vice he would have to wait while he assisted other customers.

The would-be robber then grabbed an unopened can of soda and stormed out.

That'll show 'em.

About two hours later, in the early morning hours of March 16, the same douche is suspected of walking into the Winchell's Donut at

Haster Street
Chapman Avenue, again
displaying the handgun in his waistband and demanding cash.

This time, the clerk did not speak enough English to understand what the guy wanted, so he left dejected again.

Take that, English Only advocates!

Cops are hoping someone recognizes the luckless loot snatcher. Anyone with information is asked to call GGPD Detectives Wilson at (714) 741-5812 or Danielson at (714) 741-5815.

Information can be delivered anonymously. You may not want to admit to knowing this guy, not because he might come show you the gun in his waistband but because he is such a royal fuck-up!


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