On the Wall: Two Wrongs Make a Right

PhotobucketThe "Supermarket" show at the Peter Blake Gallery is aptly named, offering more tasty goodies than you'd find on the shelves of a Trader Joe's. You've got everything from the heavy metal furniture of Cheryl Ekstrom to Jeffrey Krueger's luscious landscapes to the glimmery, inexplicably potent planets of Lita Albaquerque. But Jorg Dubin's "Twins On a Green Chair" is the piece that knocks you flat with its queasy, unromantacized sexiness. Two ruddy, annoyed-looking, attractive-ish, middle-aged women with '70s hair stare out at you, one wearing a man's shirt, one joylessly flashing her bra. They are the fantasy of a billion straight men across the globe: two blond twins, waiting for it. But they are the reality of that fantasy, as two sisters sit and don't look at each other, wondering what the hell they're doing here together, what the hell they're doing here with a loser like you. You can feel the guilt in the room, the guilt that makes it all just a bit more alluring. It calls to mind a line from the late George Carlin: "I never had a perfect 10, but I've had two 5's in a night." These girls are 5's, you're a 3 at best, and you all add up to a lucky 13.

Peter Blake Gallery 326 N. Coast Highway Laguna Beach, CA 92651 (949) 376-9994


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