On a Road to Nowhere

For those who have followed the twisting path of the proposed Foothills South toll road-- ably plotted on this blog and in the pages of the Weekly by Alex Brant-Zawadzki and others-- the latest report in the Times will come as no surprise.

For more than a year, transportation planners have said that preparations for a toll road passing through San Onofre State Beach were on schedule.

On Wednesday, that message was revised.

Planners now say it will take at least two years longer than expected to get funding and permits for the controversial turnpike, which will complete Orange County's network of toll roads and link Orange and San Diego counties.

The Irvine-based Transportation Corridor Agencies had hoped to secure funding for the Foothill South by 2008, but underestimated the complexity of the permit process.

Calitics has the details on those pesky complexities that threaten to do to the toll-road-to-be, what the road threatens to do wildlife.


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