Taken at Game 5 of the Angels vs. Yankees ALCS last year.
Taken at Game 5 of the Angels vs. Yankees ALCS last year.
Christopher Victorio

OMG, Do the Angels Suck Already?

Three burning questions all OC'ers have to be asking this morning. One, what will airlines charge us for next? Two, what else will someone see an image of Jesus in? Most importantly however being are the Angels already in trouble?

I'm here to answer all of the above for you. Airlines are charging for carry-ons now. Pathetic.  Someone has seen Jesus in a tie-dye shirt. Can't you see just about ANYTHING in a tie-dye shirt if you look long and hard enough? Silly. As for the Anaheim Angels of Los Angeles, well not really in trouble, yet.

Dropping three of four to the Twins at home isn't the worst thing in the world. The Twins are a good team that always seems to field a competitive bunch and has given the Angels and the American League in general trouble in the past. What's worrisome is components of this squad that might qualify for the lifting of a light shade of a red flag.

Brandon Wood has charged out of the gates with a .083 average. No home-runs or RBI's and five strike-outs. It's stupid to judge after 12 AB's, but the Wood flag is a distinct shade of red.

Starting pitching, a perceived Angel strength, has also limped along to start the season. Only Jered Weaver was able to chalk-up a quality start, six innings or more with 3 earned runs or less. Weaver just barely did it, going six while giving up three earned.

The bullpen has looked, well, suspect.

Sure, there is more blame to go around, but it's early, right? No reason to panic, correct?  These are the Mighty Angels of Anaheim by way of the Los Angeles Community. They will be alright, won't they?

The baseball season is longer than it need be and a bad start is no reason to panic. A bad start is reason to panic if it turns into a pattern, however. The fan and media microscope is now officially out. Another lost series to the division leading A's will turn mild-concern into full fledged panic.

It's a sports lovers specialty, we do full-fledged panic better than most. Let's hope we don't have to go there, Angel fans.

Editor's Note: Give 'Em Halos is our new bi-weekly Angels baseball blog feature by Jose Salviati! Go on, say hi!


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