Oliver Stone Bases Film on Laguna Beach Crime Thriller

It seems Hollywood can't get enough of Laguna Beach, our county's best seaside town.

Oscar-winning director Oliver Stone is building a cast for a crime thriller film based Don Winslow's Savages, a novel about two Laguna Beach marijuana growers who piss off a Mexican drug cartel. 

According to various news outlets, Stone wants to cast Kick Ass's Aaron Johnson, Wolverine's Taylor Kitsch and Salma Hayek.

Stone is reportedly working on the screen adaption of the novel with Winslow and hoping Universal will soon agree to distribute the film.

Go HERE to see the Amazon.com description of Winslow's book and HERE to see the nonfiction work by OC Weekly's Nick Schou, who chronicled the tales of real-life Laguna Beach drug dealers during the 1960s.

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly


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