North: GOP hostage deals with radicals are better
North: GOP hostage deals with radicals are better

Oliver North Comes To Nixon Library And Claims Iran Will Soon Dupe Barack Obama

Conservative rascal Oliver North arrived last night at the Richard M. Nixon Presidential Library in Yorba Linda in good spirits and ready to be a salesman.

North--the U.S. Marine major caught in Ronald Reagan Administration shenanigans involving trading arms for hostages with Middle East radicals--delightfully recounted each of President Barack Obama's scandals, issued a rallying call for all things Republican, impersonated Dick Nixon's gravel voice and made a prediction with international implications.

Iran will soon abandon its nuclear program and the Obama White House will unwisely lift sanctions, he claimed.

"The next big scandal and I'm talking just weeks from now is going to be how the United States Government responds when the Iranians make an announcement that they've ceased their nuclear program and we're now going to sign a deal with a bunch of other countries saying all sanctions are now lifted," said North with a dramatic, conspiratorial tone he employs on Fox when he mentions Democratic Party presidencies.

The Orange County audience--overwhelmingly dominated by folks with silver hair, pale pigmentation, hearing aids and, probably, coupons for 4 p.m. Sizzler dinner specials--moaned in disgust.

"I don't have the gift of prophecy, but I'm going to tell you that's the next thing to happen," said North, who'd been invited to the presidential library to hawk his latest novel. "It just happens that this book deals with that."

The audience laughed in appreciation of the shameless plug.

Working with co-author Bob Hamer, Counterfeit Lies is an "explosive new thriller" involving a Southern California setting and available beginning on June 10, according to's entry.

North planned to sell his book at Camp Pendleton today.

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