Oh, the Habitat for Humanity!

Oh, the Habitat for Humanity!

Habitat for Humanity of Orange County says its mission is to end substandard housing, which is something everyone can get behind, and "to provide hardworking, low-income families an opportunity to share in the American Dream of homeownership," which is something that has gotten a bad rap amid our housing meltdown.

In any event, Habitat holds its annual, fund-raising, black-tie gala Saturday at the Island Hotel in Newport Beach, and if you're wondering why a type of event at at type of place with a required type of dress few benefitting from the funds raised would be caught dead in, well, this is Orange County, after all.

This year's award recipients include KTGY Group ("The Dream Award"), Rock Harbor Church ("The Faith Award"), Beth Phillips-Furnishing Hope ("The Humanity Award"), the Orange County Association of Realtors ("The I'm Not Dead Yet Aw--sorry, typo: The Vision Award") and the Jose Lujano family ("The Habitat Family Award").

Tickets are $325 per person and guess what: tickets are still available! Call (714) 434-6200, ext. 239 to get yours. 


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