Octupdate: Life Imitates Art Imitating Life

Perhaps you saw the May 14 edition of OC Weekly—excuse me—OctoWeekly—wherein all manner of reality-show mayhem is imagined for Nadya Suleman, the La Habra resident and mother of the world's longest-surviving octuplets.

Our lampoonage came hot on the heels of lilliputian Los Angeles attorney Gloria Allred filing suit against Suleman for inking a deal for a reality-TV show. Allred ostensibly sought to protect the infants from media exploitation and Allred's crack-like addiction to the same.

However, as mentioned in our coverage, a RadarOnline.com reporter asked Suleman on camera whether she had entered into plans for reality programming involving her children, prompting this smiling response: "As far as I'm concerned, I haven't entered into anything. I haven't signed anything. I haven't signed anything at all." Moments earlier, she'd railed against Allred and the lawsuit in the same clip: "People are opportunists; they just want to be in the spotlight."

Well, Allred was apparently a few weeks off because none other than Octo-mom herself has entered into something, opportunistically signing a deal to bring on the spotlight and reality cameras. Her partner is Netherlands-based production company Eyeworks, best known for a TV series in Denmark that has documented the lives of four children from the day they were born.

The show has not yet been sold to any U.S. television network, said Suleman's attorney Jeff Czech. "They came up with this idea, presented it to her and she liked it," Czech said. "She'll get to use a camera and do some of the filming herself."

Wethinks that will include a lot of filming herself filming herself, if history is any judge. Actually, Suleman—who puts the "me" in "media whore"—does deserve props for choosing a TV company with more class than the one that produced The Cougar—and possessing the media saavy to announce her deal just as the walls seem to be caving in on the bickering stars of John & Kate Plus 8.


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