Octomom Nadya Suleman's Oprah Appearance Riles Fans

Well, La Habra and the rest of Orange County, at least you are not alone. There are others around the country who believe Octomom Nadya Suleman has over-extended her 15 minutes of fame.

Take the poor woman writing on The Oprah Show thread. She was all excited to get tickets for a taping for a show from Oprah Winfrey's last syndicated season. Then the woman discovered while in line who the day's guest would be.

Calling herself "Sue's a Mom," the audience member discovered Suleman wrote a "desperate" letter to Winfrey about her financial woes, prompting the booking of Octomom, with money guru Suze Orman enlisted to help.

But, according to Sue's a Mom:

Nadya was a train wreck! She was not "real" and obviously looking for attention. She kept interrupting Oprah and Suze. It was actually painful to watch and I was crushed I that I had to witness it. Even by the end of the taping Nadya's problems could not be solved. Her problems ran so much deeper than financial that even Dr. Phil could not have helped her. I have to believe even the Suze Orman fans had to be disappointed. This was a disaster!!!

Sue's a Mom and the rest of the audience came to Chicago to be "inspired or entertained."

She left with a migraine.

"Seriously, this taping was so bad I can't imagine even with creative editing that this could be a viable show," wrote Sue's a Mom, who at least received several words of support from others on the thread who agreed it must have been "a humongous letdown."

Read all about it at Oprah.com.


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