Octomom Nadya Suleman Extends Orange Rehab Stay Another Month, Her Reps Claim

Octomom Nadya Suleman has reportedly extended by 30 days her rehab stay, which can only mean she must have more DD-list showbiz work lined up miles away from the Orange addiction facility.

After all, shortly after the single, unemployed mother of 14 checked into Chapman House, she was off to Tennessee to appear in a parody music video for $1,500, providing there is a price for one's dignity.

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Now, to back up, Suleman may or may have not have signed on for another month in rehab, because it was her "management" team that reportedly shared that "exclusive" with RumorFix. As close followers of this sad train wreck know, you believe what Natalie's reps say as Israel believes what Hamas' reps say.

Suleman originally entered Chapman House in late October for Xanax addiction, according to her reps, who--in the face of renewed (and successful) calls for another Child Protective Services visit to the children--later revised that to say the in-patient was checking in to learn how to deal with "anxiety, exhaustion and stress" without the use of prescription medication.

"After 30 days Nadya will be coming home three days a week with staff from the Chapman House and then returning to the facility," the rep reportedly tells RumorFix. "Nadya's first visit home will be Thanksgiving Day. She is looking forward to being home and spending time with the kids for Thanksgiving."

It's about time someone did.

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