Octomom Nadya Suleman Appears on Ethics List of People Who Should Not Be Parents

Futurist/transhumanist writer

Hank Pellissier

has lectured at the H+ Summit in Harvard, been dubbed "San Francisco's performance art bad boy," and written books and columns for the

New York Times


San Francisco Chronicle

and Salon.com. In his latest piece for the

Institute for Ethics & Emerging Technologies

, where he is an associate scholar, he suggests would-be parents get licensed to reproduce.

To back up that plea, Pellissier compiled a list of "deplorable situations caused by flawed individuals who should not be allowed to impregnate, gestate, reproduce, and parent because they're mentally, physically, emotionally, or genetically unsuitable for the ambitious task." Labeled are teen moms, alcoholics, child beaters . . . and a certain La Habra single mother of 14.

Can you guess who? (Your first two guesses don't count.)

Enough Is Enough
Nadya Suleman--the "Octo-Mom" welfare recipient and single mother who added to her original brood of six children by simultaneously producing eight more--is obviously the poster icon in this category. Even the most libertarian, keep-the-government-out-of-my-family demagogues were irate with Suleman's decision to bump up to 14 kids, because she's incapable of handling even a fraction of that amount. Parents who demonstrate inadequacy with the present total of children in their nest should be prevented from causing additional chaos. Isn't it sensible to require citizenry to limit their progeny to manageable sums? What's the maximum? Two? Three? Four? Variable, in my opinion. Depending on parents' ability to provide love and basic needs.


If Pellissier thinks Suleman required a license before dropping kids like they came out of a spigot, he surely must be in favor of un-licensing

Michael Kamrava

, the doctor who pumped dozens of embryos into Octomom. (We're still awaiting a ruling from the state medical board, which could do just that.)

Kamrava has abandoned his Beverly Hills offices without paying off his lease and is now being sued by his landlord, TMZ reports.

According to the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, Kamrava "vacated and abandoned" his office on March 15, 2011 ... without paying off the remaining 6 years left on his lease.

The landlord claims Kamrava agreed to pay at least $6,231 per month until December 2017, subject to certain increases -- and therefore feels the doc is on the hook for more than $894,192.65.

When it comes to landlords, like patient, like doctor, apparently.


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