Loser homophobes with no lives harassing high-schoolersEXPAND
Loser homophobes with no lives harassing high-schoolers
Sali Heraldez

OC School of the Arts Students Shout Down Anti-LGBT Religious Fanatics!

The hilarious haters are taking "L's" this week with two anti-LGBT holy rollers getting shouted down by throngs of Orange County School of the Arts (OCSA) students in SanTana. The duo arrived on the corner of Main and Tenth Street around 11:35 a.m. on Tuesday with nothing better to do than berate kids.

One man held a sign reading "Repent! Turn from your sin to Jesus," while another blared "Homos will go to hell!" on a bull horn. But the youth weren't having it. "Since the students were on lunch break at the time, some of them exercised their freedom of speech," says Michael Ciecek, OCSA's Dean of Facilities and Supervision.  

They turned out in droves for the sidewalk standoff and began chanting "Gays okay!" The best comeback the two homophobes could muster? "Are you talking about being happy about something or are you talking about ho-mo-sexuality?" Ciecek, OCSA security personnel and a Santa Ana School Police Department officer monitored the situation. "OCSA is and will remain committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment for all of its students," Ciecek adds.

The school had no advanced warning that the two men planned on doing some sidewalk shouting of hateful remarks that day. Everything ended without incident, anyway. The bell rang and students returned to class leaving the Christian bigots with nobody to harass. Way to go, kiddos!


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