OC's Rich Vein of Klanniness Tapped Out?

OC's Rich Vein of Klanniness Tapped Out?

Call it racist gentrification (redundant, right?): The Ku Klux Klan, the white supremacist group that virtually created Orange County, can now barely be found among our county's pale-colored treasure trove of bigots. Californian politician and proud clucker Dr. Henry William Head helped engineer Orange County's secession from Los Angeles in 1889. In the 1920s, the Klan attempted to turn Anaheim into a knightly mecca by taking over the city council. But it appears that one of the remaining Klan groups in Orange County is no more.

A few years back, some guy going by the screen name "cal_whtknt" was posting all over Stormfront, the white-supremacist message board, trying to recruit members for the White Legion Knights and listing a P.O. box in Santa Ana. He even, inexplicably, tried to expand into Australia in 2007. I e-mailed him a few weeks ago asking to talk. Sad news:

we close the group a year ago sorry

Why's that? What happened?

what happened was every one spent more time fighting each other over pitty b.s.
i got tired of being a baby sitter for adults

There you have it: KKK members -- they're just like us! While we can't say that the Klan is gone from Orange County, it certainly isn't the hippest hate group around anymore. Check out this Stormfront post from another local Klanman who feels lonely under that bed sheet:

Was contemplating moving from California (socal) to South Carolina. Anyone reside in SC? Everyone in calif for the most part are skinheads; Im assuming and hoping theres more Klan activity in the region.

Insert conclusion about white-flight/immigration/skinheads as yuppies that ruin the racial neighborhood.


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