"We gotta do something about this flirty broad."
"We gotta do something about this flirty broad."

OC's Rich GOPers Nail Loretta Sanchez in Mailer

"We gotta do something about this flirty broad."

Orange County's wealthy, old Republican businessmen at The Lincoln Club have stopped calculating the hourly, tax-free income on their corporate dividends long enough to send voters a slick, four-sided campaign mailer portraying Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez as a floozy.

The ad opens with the picture of a pair of attractive, sandy female feet--one foot with a Playboy emblem on a ankle bracelet--and the headline, "It's all fun and games for Loretta Sanchez." The statement is allegedly supported by a clip from The Orange County Register that reprinted a Wall Street Journal item noting that Sanchez joined nine other members of Congress on a climate change study session at the Great Barrier Reef.

Wait, Sanchez's conduct got much worse.

She apparently had the audacity to snorkel during the trip, the ad points out in highlighted yellow ink.

Not offensive enough? Well, they also note that Sanchez . . . oh, no! . . . "giggles."

Other statements in the ad include:

--"It's always fun and games until someone gets hurt. Loretta Sanchez is flirty, throws a good party, is well traveled, AND constantly votes with the ultra-liberal leadership in Congress to hurt her community."

--"While Loretta Sanchez is taking advantage of her office, living the high life, she consistently votes to hurt her constituents."

--"Sanchez has made her priorities clear--travel, parties and consistently voting for higher taxes . . ."

--"If Loretta Sanchez put in half the time toward working for her district that she does posing for her annual Christmas card portraying her glamorous life, we wouldn't have record high unemployment in Central Orange County. 'Pet the cat' or save jobs? Loretta is on the wrong side."


--"This November tell Loretta Sanchez the party is over, 'We're Voting You Out!'"

Really, guys? Loretta's Christmas card poses are causing unemployment? Now I understand why The Lincoln Club traditionally locks reporters out of its meetings.

The geezers are hoping the non-flirty Van Tran upsets Sanchez in the November election and makes Orange County's entire congressional delegation Republican.

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly


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