OC's Happiest Pro-Tax Increase Cheerleaders Are Democrats, Right?

Those of you who don't believe that Orange County is loaded with ironies aren't paying attention.

We've got vociferously anti-gay public figures who are secretly gay or bisexual. We've got Democrats who are more Republican than, well, Republicans. And, perhaps most amazingly, we've got self-described conservative Republicans who are--drum roll--enthusiastically supportive of huge tax increases.

Yesterday, California Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown released his budget plan that includes a  whopping $6.9 billion in new taxes through a November ballot initiative.

Not surprisingly, liberals are screaming that the budget needs much larger tax increases to prevent Brown's threatened cuts to school, police and welfare programs.

But in Orange County, once proudly hailed as "Reagan Country," it took a few hours for one group to "applaud" Brown's plan: the Orange County Business Council (OCBC), a corporate lobbying organization that is dominated by wealthy Republican business executives.

In a press statement, OCBC CEO Lucy Dunn hailed Brown's plan "a solid strategy" and "a strong start" that will "restore California's economic health."

You can stop laughing now.

The OCBC has a history of advocating for tax increases.

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly


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