Speed shooter Daniel Horner's aim is true.
Speed shooter Daniel Horner's aim is true.

OC's Fastest Shooters Blast Away at World Championships

Burglars, peeping toms and other intruders would be advised to stay away from the Anaheim home of Joey Goodness, the Brea home of Bryan Brockway, the Irvine home of Steve Berry and the Seal Beach home of Glenn Seki.

The four are competing through Sunday at the world's fastest shooting competition. That's not shooting as in hoisting basketballs, banking billiard balls or quickly downing jiggers of hooch.

It's shooting as in bang-bang you're dead.
Actually, Piru, California, must be the safest place in America this weekend as the fastest shooters in the world have gathered there once again for the Steel Challenge World Speed Shooting Championships.

Or unsafest place should you happened to catch a stray bullet, one supposes.

Shooters are broken up into Women's, Pre-Teen, Junior, Senior, Super Senior and Law Enforcement, and in several divisions such as Rimfire Pistol, Rimfire Rifle, Shotgun, Single
Action Revolver, Revolver, Stock Pistol and Open Pistol (which is apparently the "Formula-1" category of shooting sports). Gunmen and -women pull their pieces from holsters and fire, their reaction times clocked by an electronic timer's buzzer.

It is estimated that 65,000 rounds of ammo will have been fired by the time practices and competitions conclude before Sunday's awards ceremony. That's a lot of hot lead. Find out more stunning factoids here.

And consider yourself warned, stranger.


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