OC's Dark Political Lord Wants to Expand Influence Where?

Michael J. Schroeder, one of California's most effective

Republican Party operatives, has been telling me for months that he's finally tiring of politics and is eager for a new challenge--something more enjoyable. What's been catching Schroeder's interest? Go ahead and guess.

No. Killing liberals and moderates is illegal and, besides, he's been doing that figuratively in elections anyway.

No. He's already polluting the environment daily by driving his massive black Hummer.

Nein. The owner of a profitable Santa Ana-based national chiropractic insurance outfit, he's filthy rich. 

Nope. He's happily married and isn't known to pay for companionship.

Answer: Schroeder--an avid sports fan (he has season tickets to USC football and the Los Angeles Laker games)--now wants to be the Godfather of U.S. Olympic volleyball efforts.

Last night, the Anaheim City Council voted to approve a deal that lures the U.S. Women's National Volleyball Team from Colorado Springs to Anaheim. The city wants them to train at the impressive American Sports Center, where the U.S. men's volleyball team, which was based in Colorado too until 2006, already practices. Mayor Curt Pringle hopes the relocation will make Anaheim the official host city for U.S. Olympic volleyball through the 2016 games.

Schroeder, who flew to Beijing for the 2008 Olympics to cheer on both volleyball squads, tells me that he has been a major proponent for the Anaheim relocation efforts and has been contributing $25,000 annually to the teams. 

"I'm looking forward to seeing what our teams can do in the 2012 London Olympics," said Schroeder. "My goal for the next four years is to raise $1 million for them. I can't tell you how excited I am about all of this."

No word if Schroeder, whom we've nicknamed "Vader" for his brutal political play as an unpaid but key adviser to District Attorney Tony Rackauckas, Congressman Dana Rohrabacher and onetime Sheriff Mike Carona, is planning a political affiliation litmus test for the volleyball team. 

But the Russian team definitely should beware. 

Vader doesn't settle for second place.

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly


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