OC's Cannabis Planet Inspired by Weed-friendly OC Weekly

In case you didn't already notice, yesterday, December 10, was a big day for the OC Weekly and weed. First of all there was our feature story, "Distant Karma" about Brotherhood of Eternal Love fugitive Brenice Lee Smith, the cover artwork of which prominently included the familiar green leaf. Then there was the debut issue of Village Voice Media's new medical marijuana insert, the Rolling Paper, which contains helpful info about what's legal, what ain't so legal, and what's on the menu at your local dispensaries and home delivery services.

OC's Cannabis Planet Inspired by Weed-friendly OC Weekly

And then there's this informative article that ran yesterday in the OC Register about Orange County's all-marijuana news and late-night entertainment show, Cannabis Planet. The show debuted on KDOC earlier this year and can now be found on KJLA, one channel up on your digital dial. In an interview with the Reg, Cannabis Planet executive producer Brad Lane explained that he had been successful developing tourism-oriented programming up in ski mecca Mammoth. In 2008, he returned to OC hoping to bring that model with him. But his timing sucked: the county, like the rest of the nation, was in an economic downturn and he couldn't find any advertisers.

The only exception seemed to involve medical marijuana:

"When I first came back, I noticed in the

OC Weekly

there were four, five, six ads scattered through it for medical marijuana," Lane told the


's Peter Larson. says. "Well, a year later, I open it again, and there's a three-page section on alternative medicine. So I think, 'My gosh, there might be some advertising money here!'"

Matt Coker first broke news of Cannabis Planet's rather amusing presence on the late night dial here. Check out the show's website, where, assuming you can't stay up until 1:30 in the morning, you can watch previous shows, featuring everything from cooking lessons and growing tips to profiles of dispensaries and delivery services (more info on these can be found on our website, just click on "Culture" to find them) to updates on the ever-changing legal landscape in California that for the time being at least has created quite an exciting--and lucrative--green economy.

The only marijuana-related thing missing from the show so far is a live performance from these guys


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