OC's Adam "Goat Boy" Gadahn Still Alive, Now Hates Obama

The last time we heard from Adam Yahihe Gadahn, the American voice of Al Qaeda, was four months ago, when he was reported to have been arrested in Karachi, Pakistan. Within a day, those reports had been retracted in keeping with previously discredited reports that Gadahn, better known in the Navel Gazing archives as "Goat Boy" because he grew up on a goat farm in Riverside County before converting to Islam in Orange County and disappearing in Pakistan shortly before 9/11, had been killed in U.S. missile strikes. 

Every time Gadahn's bloody demise had been touted by unnamed intelligence officials quoted in wire service reports, Goat Boy would snap back with videotaped sermons full of hellfire and brimstone, predicting (erroneously so far, inshallah) terrorist attacks on U.S. soil that would rival 9/11. It took awhile this time, but sure enough, Goat Boy is ba-a-a-a-ck with yet another videotape denouncing not only his former homeland (he has the dubious distinction of being the first American since World War 2 to be indicted for treason) but the great satan himself, Barack Hussein Obama, according to an AP story than ran on June 20. 

Ironically, given that a substantial number of American idiots believe Obama is a Muslim terrorist/socialist/usurper/illegal alien, Gadahn, speaking on behalf of Al Qaeda, also denounced Obama is a "devious, evasive and serpentine American president with a Muslim name." As per usual, Gadahn started off his screed by decrying America's war on terror, stating that Al Qaeda would "even the score" by avenging the death of Muslims (though presumably not the ones murdered by Al Qaeda) with major attacks against the U.S. that would force the terrorist group to cease exercising the "restraint and self-control" the group has "shown up until now."

What are haters to do with this hideous message of malevolence? How can they take this hateful bullshit to an even more inane level?

Well, let's ask "The Truthseeker" who left a comment on the yahoo.com page that carried the AP story. "Instead of examining [Gadahn's] background and real agenda...the Associated Press instead focuses on his threats and his 'mocking tone.' More significantly it also ignores the fact that he [is] the son of musician Phil Pearlman and the grandson of prominent urologist Carl Kenneth Pearlman. Even more notable is the fact that Adam's grandfather was a prominent member of the Anti-Defamation League...so here we have a genuine Bar Mitzvah boy who, under the auspices of his grandfather--a prominent member of the Anti-Defamation League--converts to Islam and becomes a spokesman for a Muslim terror group."

If Truthseeker sounds like he's being unfair to Gadahn, it's worth noting that Gadahn himself has criticized his own Jewish upbringing. Wow, so that's two things that patriotic Americans and Al Qaeda can agree on: President Obama is evil and it's all the fault of the Jews. Have a nice weekend.


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