Occupy Orange County to Show Michael Moore Documentary

If you're staring down the barrel of another lonely Friday night, go out and watch a movie about love. Occupy Orange County invites you to a special screening of the Michael Moore-helmed documentary Capitalism: A Love Story

The Occupy contingent originally intended to show the documentary about corporate greed and its effects on the American people on the front lawn of the Irvine civic center, where the group is currently camped. However, at a general assembly held last night, it was announced the movie would instead be shown at Irvine Congregational Church at 8:30p.m..

D'Marie Mulatierri explained the city required a special event permit beyond what Occupy has already been granted to show a film on the property. "Who would believe there was an ordinance?" Mulatierri joked in front of a gathering of more than 40 people, many of whom protested nightly for weeks on the sidewalks before winning approval to camp on the lawn in tents.

According to Mulatierri, the decision to show the film at the church was facilitated by associate pastor Elizabeth Griswold, who was among the more than 60 people to speak in favor of allowing the Occupy group to camp at last week's council meeting. See you there!


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