Occupy Orange County Forms to Support Wall Street Demonstrators

UPDATE, OCT. 4, 8:45 A.M.: Occupy OC rallies support, plans for large Irvine protest. Info here.

UPDATE, OCT. 3, 7:40 P.M.: A protest is being planned for Santa Ana starting on Oct. 22. Stay tuned for more details as they are released. In the meantime, follow the Occupy Orange County movement on Twitter here.

ORIGINAL POST, OCT. 3, 4:49 P.M.: If you watched local television this morning, you noticed that the Occupy Wall Street movement had spread to Los Angeles.

Last night, Occupy Costa Mesa was formed, and by this afternoon it was gelling into Occupy Orange County.

Does Occupy Orange County also have a Facebook presence?

You betcha.

Occupy Orange County Forms to Support Wall Street Demonstrators

Describing itself as standing in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Together, Occupy Orange County currently seems to be concentrating on playing a support role for occupiers in Los Angeles, who have joined demonstrators in big cities like Chicago and Boston in camping out in front of downtown power centers.

Here is the Facebook description of Occupy Orange County:

This community is comprised of individuals that want to stand in solidarity with their fellow citizens that are occupying Wall Street, Boston, Chicago, Washington DC and many other cities to help voice the discontent with the current inequalities in this country.

We have lost our vision as country, where every man, woman and child has the right to work, have a roof over their head, clothes on th ...eir back and food in their stomachs. The corporations have been given the capital "C" as a person and the right to contribute to election campaigns, to lobby for laws that hurt the people but benefit them. The tax loopholes benefit the rich and we have huge corporations not paying taxes while Americans that can hardly make it from one pay check to another have to pay more and more taxes.

Our jobs have been lost, wages and benefits are being cut and more and more people are being evicted from their homes. One in five people in Orange County are at food risk!

Many people in Orange County have lost their jobs, are being foreclosed on, their unemployment has run out . . . it's not getting better, unless we make it better.

Together, we can turn this around!


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