Occupy Long Beach Protesters Arrested Yesterday for Camping
Occupy Long Beach via Facebook

Occupy Long Beach Protesters Arrested Yesterday for Camping

Looks like Orange County isn't the only local Occupy group not getting love from the police. Much like activists attempting to camp out in Irvine this weekend, Long Beach protesters in downtown's Lincoln Park got the bums' rush. 

A press release issued by the LBPD this morning reported that officers arrested two people for camping in the park after closing and issued three citations. Getting arrested sucks, but compared to Irvine protesters (who police told to keep moving in order to avoid arrest), Long Beach seems to have a vestigial heart.

 According to the release, Long Beach protesters assembled yesterday weren't as "cooperative" as they were the day before. Following a general assembly at 7 p.m., the group decided to occupy the park in an act of civil disobedience after it closed.  

Police say that 10 tents had been set up at 9:45p.m., and police started issuing verbal warnings letting people know they would need to disperse or face arrest. 

Approximately an hour later, police sweeped of the area. Though they say most people exited the park and moved to a sidewalk area at this point, police encountered 30-year-old Jason James as well as an unidentified minor, both of whom were arrested for camping in a public park during prohibited hours. Addtionally, two people were issued citations and released, including a 67-year-old Lakewood resident.


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