OC Weekly Staffers Named Finalists For 2012 LA Press Club Journalism Awards

Los Angeles Press Club judges have named five members of the OC Weekly newsroom as finalists for the 54th SoCal Journalism Awards in categories that directly compete with The Orange County Register and Los Angeles Times.

The recognition isn't new: Over the years, the Weekly has won more than a dozen LA Press Club awards.

This year, our finalists are:

Michelle Woo for Best "Personality Profile": "Dave Gibbons is a Church Misfit."

Nick Schou for Best "Investigative Series": "Orange County Jail Deaths."

Gustavo Arellano for Best "Business" story: "El Torito Founder is Still the Big Enchilada."

Taylor Hamby for Best "Entertainment News/Feature" story: "Where the Hell is Monster Massive Going to be Held?"

Lilledeshan Bose,who recently left the paper, for Best "Entertainment News or Feature" story: "The Yost Theatre is Ready For its Closeup."

And, lastly, me:

R. Scott Moxley for Best "Business" story: "Pyramid Scheme."

The winners will be announced at a June 24 ceremony in Los Angeles that also aims to honor Woodward and Bernstein of Watergate/Tricky Dick fame.

(It should be pointed out than none of us would have the time to go explore OC if Matt Coker didn't expertly run our Navel Gazing blog every day.)

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