OC Weekly Receives 8 SoCal Journalism Awards Nominations

The OC Weekly--as in ORANGE COUNTY Weekly--plot for Los Angeles media market domination has been slow to achieve but persistent, as evidenced by the impressive showing Weeklings make on the Los Angeles Press Club's list of finalists for the 51st annual SoCal Journalism Awards.

Winners will be announced June 14 at the "newly renovated" Sheraton Universal hotel. Which means several of us will be consulting MapQuest between now and June 14. Most certainly MapQuesting will be Daffodil J. Altan, who is up for "Journalist of the Year" in the category for daily and weekly newspapers with circulation under 100,000.

From that same division:

-It's "on" in the "News Features" category, where Gustavo Arellano's "The Last One" (about Orange County's citrus era ending with Ignacio Lujano being booted from his San Juan Capistrano orange groves)  goes head-to-head with R. Scott Moxley's "Hate and Death" (about whether the murder of Thien Minh Ly was a hate crime). Oh, look, there are three other reporters from somesuch other newspapers nominated here, too.

-Moxley is also nominated for "Columnist" for his Moxley Confidential columns, which generated much fodder from the travails of disgraced ex-Sheriff Mike Carona.

-In "Business," Investigative/Series, Nick Schou is nominated for his continuing coverage of Orange County jailhouse beatings. If you're wondering what that has to do with business (other than it being business as usual in Orange County) so does the writer of this post. Schou's competition in this category all wrote about criminal justice issues. It appears that category was mislabeled in the Press Club's e-mail blast!

-Joel Beers is apparently the only nominee for "Entertainment Reviews/Criticism/Column" for his pieces "Bloodless Passion," "Float On," "Hare Raising" and "Wacky Iraqi." So we'll boldly predict the Weekly will win at least one award June 14.

-in "Entertainment News or Feature," Matt Coker is nominated for "Rock Angel," which is about the resistance Garden Grove filmmaker David Di Sabatino has faced bringing the story of the late "father of Christian rock" Larry Norman to the screen.

-Art director Kelly Lewis is nominated in "Design" for the massively delightful 2008 "Best of OC" issue.

The full list of nominees follows if you click "continue reading." You'll notice our Big Sistah paper LA Weekly also did very well, as usual. Perhaps we'll take pity on them when our plot for Los Angeles media market domination is complete. You'll also notice that Arellano is the only presenter with a nickname in quotations. George Pennacchio must be soooo jealous! Los Angeles Press Club
The 51st Annual SoCal Journalism Awards, June 14
Special honors will be given to:

ARIANNA HUFFINGTON -- President's Award, introduced by BILL MAHER

RICK ORLOV -- Joseph M Quinn Award, presented by LINDA BREAKSTONE

ROBYN DIXON -- Daniel Perl Award, presented by JUDEA PEARL


Presenters: Ana Garcia, George Pennacchio, Gustavo "Ask a Mexican" Arellano, Joe Morgenstern, Anthea Raymond and Alex Ben Block

Finalists are as follows:
A1. Journalist of the Year (Over 100K)
*Amy Alkon, syndicated columnist
*David Evans, Bloomberg Markets
*Miriam Jordan, Wall Street Journal
*Patrick McDonald, LA Weekly
*Christine Pelisek, LA Weekly

A2. Journalist of the Year (Under 100K)
*Daffodil J. Altan, OC Weekly.
*Brad A. Greenberg, The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angele
*Anna Scott, Los Angeles Downtown News.
*Matt Welch, Reason
*Amy Alkon, Creators Syndicate

A3. Television Journalist of the Year
*Ana Garcia and Fred Mamoun, KNBC News
*Robert Kovacik, KNBC News
*Eric Longabardi. Telemedia News

A4. Journalist of the Year-Radio
*Larry Mantle: KPCC 89.3
*Patricia Nazario: KPCC 89.3
*John Rabe: KPCC 89.3
*Frank Stoltze, KPCC 89.3
*Brian Watt: KPCC 89.3

A6. Entertainment Journalist of the Year
*George Pennacchio, KABC-TV
*Alex Pham, Los Angeles Times
*Monica Rizzo, People Magazine

A7. Photo Journalist of the year
*Don Bartletti, Los Angeles Times
*Michael Robinson Chavez, Los Angeles Times
*Rick Loomis, Los Angeles Times

A8: Designer of the year
*Wes Bausmith,  Los Angeles Times
*Page designs,  Los Angeles Times
*Derek Simmons,  Los Angeles Times
*Kelli Sullivan, Los Angeles Times

A10.  Online journalist of the year
*Chris Hedges, Truthdig
*Bennet Kelley,  Huffington Post
*Scott Ritter,  Truthdig
*Robert Scheer, Truthdig

A11. Political Coverage, Print/Online
*Bill Boyarsky, Truthdig, On the campaign trail.
*Barbara Gasser, Kurier. "Faces from a Country in Crisis."
*Barbara Gasser, Die Welt, "Super Tuesday."
*Daniel Heimpel, LA Weekly
*Ted Johnson, Variety, The world of celebrity politics.

A12. Political Coverage, Broadcast
*Warren Olney, KCRW, "To the Point"
*Frank Stolze, KPCC, Political Coverage       

A13. Business and Financial Coverage, Print/Online
*David Evans, Bloomberg Markets, "The Global Financial Meltdown"
*Steven Leigh Morris, LA Weekly, "City Halls 'Density Hawks' Are Changing LA's DNA."
*Staff,  Los Angeles Business Journal, "Market Meltdown."

A14. Business and Financial Coverage, Broadcast
*Brian Watt, KPCC
*Susan Valot, KPCC


B1. Hard News
*Patrick McDonald, LA Weekly, "Proposition 8 Coverage."
*Patrick McDonald, LA Weekly, "Obama's Gay Gold Mine."
*Christine Pelisek, LA Weekly, "The Gangsters of Drew Street, Glassell Park."
*Christine Pelisek, LA Weekly, "Billboards gone Wild"
*Staff, Los Angeles Daily News, "Complete Chaos: Metrolink, Freight Trains Collide."

B2. News Feature
*Johnny Dwyer, LA Weekly, "Before Haditha."
*Scott Gold, Los Angeles Times, "Out There."
*Patrick McDonald, LA Weekly, "The All-About-Me Mayor."
*Christine Pelisek, LA Weekly, "Raven, the Death of a Hollywood Beauty."
*Max Taves, LA Weekly, "Palisades Rathouse."

B3. Investigative/Series
*Beth Barrett and George B. Sanchez, Los Angeles Daily News, "Top-Heavy District."
*Christine Pelisek, LA Weekly, "Billboards Gone Wild."
*Christine Pelisek, LA Weekly, "Grim Sleeper"

B5. Commentary
*Amy Alkon, Creators syndicate, Advice columns
*Mariel Garca,The Los Angeles Daily News, Editorial
*Robert David Jaffe, Los Angeles Times,  Op-ed
*Devra Maza, The LA Daily News, " Love on the Lines"

B6. Columnist
*Amy Alkon, Creators syndicate, Advice columns
*Gendy Alimurung, LA Weekly, "LaVida"
*Nikki Finke, LA Weekly News Columns
*Jonathan Gold, LA Weekly, Column
*Dennis McCarthy, The Los Angeles Daily News,Columns

B7. Reviews/Criticism/Column
*Christopher Hawthorne, Los Angeles Times "Watch This Space; L.A. *Squared"
*Christopher Knight, Los Angeles Times, "Precious Stone"
*Ann Powers, Los Angeles Times, "Niel Diamond"
*Mark Swed, Los Angeles Times, "Hurricane Mama"

B8. Entertainment News or Feature
*Scott Foundas, LA Weekly, Forgiven
*Scott Gold, Los Angeles Times, "Enough About Me"
*Randall Roberts, LA Weekly, Port in the Storm
*Nancy Rommelmann, LA Weekly, No Exit Plan
*Ella Taylor, LA Weekly, "Sacreligulous: Bill Maher's Cross to Bear

B9. Sports
*Brian Dohn, Los Angeles Daily News , "It is positively a negative day for UCLA"

B10. Headline
*Amy Alkon, Creators Syndicate", Apocalypse Eventually"
*Amy Alkon, Creators Syndicate, "From Beer to Eternity"
*Peter Fuertes, LA Daily News, "Deep-Sixed"
*Peter Fuertes, LA Daily News, "Pac-to-Pac-to-Pac"
*Peter Fuertes, LA Daily News, "Safety Concern"

B11. Design
*Darrick Rainey, LA Weekly, Death of a Hollywood Beauty
*Darrick Rainey, LA Weekly, Shutting Up the Little Guy
*Derek Simmons, George Wilhelm and Jay Clendenin, Los Angeles Times, "Olympic Special Section"
*Kelli Sullivan, Michael Whitley, Mary Vignole, Doug Stevens, Thomas Suhlauder et al,  Los Angeles Times, "Out of Control"
*Staff, Los Angeles Times, "The Oscars"

C DAILY/WEEKLY NEWSPAPERS (Under 100K circulation)

C1. Hard News
*Andre Coleman, Pasadena Weekly, "Body of Evidence."
*Alfred Lee, Pasadena Star-News, "Alleged Bribery Being Probed."
*Joel Russell, Los Angeles Business Journal, "Univision Battle with Televisa."

C2. News Feature
*Gustavo Arellano, OC Weekly, "The Last One"
*Brad A. Greenberg, The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles, "The
Professor the Anti-Semites Love."
*Carl Kozlowski, Pasadena Weekly, "Life on the Edge."
*Greg Mellen, Long Beach Press-Telegram, "Davik's Heart."
*R. Scott Moxley, OC Weekly, "Hate and Death."

C3. Business
*Evan George, Los Angeles Daily Journal, "Citing Legal Fears, County Turns to Cops to Help Mental Patients."
*Daniel Miller, Los Angeles Business Journal, "Busted Ventures."
*Nick Schou, OC Weekly, "Jailhouse Beating Coverage."
*Anna Scott, Los Angeles Downtown News, "The Downtown Diamond Caper."
*Wendy Thomas Russell, Greg Mellen, and Tracy Manzer, Long Beach
Press-Telegram, "Kids and Crime: Inside Juvenile Justice."

C4. Business
*John Canalis, Long Beach Press-Telegram, "Sidewalk Series"
*Richard Clough, Los Angeles Business Journal, "IndyMac's Last Gasps"
*Richard Guzman, Los Angeles Downtown News, "Money Troubles and Conflicts at El Pueblo" and "City Looks to Boost Olvera Street Rents"
*Karen Robes Meeks, Long Beach Press-Telegram, "Retail vacancies a rag on reinvigorating iconic L.B. Street," "Perceptions of crime cost Pine," "Classy, but costly"
*Ryan Vaillancourt, Los Angeles Downtown News, "Igniting the Sparks"

C5. Commentary
*Thomas D. Elias, California Focus Syndicated, Column
*Dr. Mauricio Heibron Jr., Press Telegram, "A Heart That Can't Be Mended"
*Sue Laris and Jon Regardie, Los Angeles Downtown News, "Mayor should be honest about political future"
*William C. Lascher, Ventura County Reporter, Commentary
*Calvin Naito, Los Angeles Business Journal, Los Angeles Times, "Ripe for Some Advice on Reaching Local Readers"

C6. Columnist
*Rob Eshman, Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles
*Tim Grobaty, Press-Telegram
*R. Scott Moxley, OC Weekly
*Jon Regardie, Los Angeles Downtown News
*David Suissa, Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles

C7. Entertainment Reviews/Criticism/Column
*Joel Beers, OC Weekly, "Bloodless Passion," "Float On," "Hare
Raising," "Wacky Iraqi"

C8. Entertainment News or Feature
*Matt Coker, OC Weekly, "Rock Angel"
*Alfred Lee, Los Angeles City Beat, "Something 2 Dance 2"

C9. Sports
*Bob Keisser Long Beach Press-Telegram "A Century of Dominance"
*David Nusbaum, Los Angeles Business Journal, "In the Swim?"

C10. Headline Writing
*Amy Alkon, Creators Syndicate
*Jon Regardie, Los Angeles Downtown News
*Steve Silkin, Los Angeles Business Journal
*Kevin Uhrich, Pasadena Weekly

C11. Design
*Brian Allison, Los Angeles Downtown News, "Don't Miss Summer"
*Daniel Kacyinski, The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles, "Is our fate really sealed?"
*Robert Landry, Los Angeles Business Journal, "The Next Big Things"
*Kelly Lewis, OC Weekly, "Best of OC"

D. ART/PHOTOGRAPHY Newspaer/magazine/wire service/online

D1. Photo of the Year
*Carolyn Cole, Los Angeles Times," Kenya protest deaths"
*Barbara Davidson, Los Angeles Times, "School Tragedy"
*John McCoy, LA Daily News, "Aerial photo - fires"
*Allen J. Schaben, Los Angeles Times, "Surfing dog"
*Wally Skalij, Los Angeles Times, "Kobe Bryant leaves the court"

D2. Photo Essay
*Don Bartletti, Los Angeles Times, "Undocumented fire victims"
*Jeff Gritchen, Long Beach Press-Telegram, "Open heart surgery"
*Michael Robinson Chavez, Los Angeles Times, "Divided by death"
*Michael Robinson Chavez, Los Angeles Times, "Osettia"
*Staff, Los Angeles Times, "Orange County Fires"

D3. Editorial Cartooning
*Doug Davis, Los Angeles Downtown News, "Urban Scrawl"


E1.  Breaking News
*Bret Marcus, Justin Schmidt, Linda Burns, Val Savala et al, SoCal Connected, KCE, "After the Burn"

E2. Television Feature
*Chris Blatchford, KTTV-TV, "No Guns Fraud"
*Fred Mamoun and Ana Garcia, KNBC News, "Peeping Techs"
*Daniel Hemipel, Current TV, "Foster Emancipation"
*Bret Marcus, SoCal Connected, KCET-TV  "Foreclosure Alley"
*Bret Marcus, SoCal Connected, KCET-TV "Gold Diggers"

E3. Investigative/Series
*Chris Blatchford, KTTV/Fox 11, "City Funds for Gangsters"
*Eric Longabardi, Vic Walter and Brian Ross, ABC News/Telemedia News
*Fred Mamoun, Ana Garcia, Herman Vasquez, Jose Hernandez, James Hourani and Keith Esparros, KNBC News, "Fighting for a claim"
*Bret Marcus, Foshay, Vince Gonzales, Justine Schmidt, Linda Burns et al, SoCal Connected, KCET, "Billboard Confidential"

E5. Documentary
*Bret Marcus, Angela Shelley, Justine Schmidt, Linda Burns, Michael Bloecher, Alexandra Gales and Brett Wood, KCET, "Inside Locke High"
*Charles Stewart, Kimber Liponi, Fritz Coleman, Dave Fernandez, Jose Hernandez, Scott Meadows, Hernan Vasquez, James Hourani, Lindsey Jackson and Robert Long, KNBC, "A Child on Shindler's List"


F1. Breaking News
*Shirley Jahad, Frank Stoltze and Kitty Felde, KPCC 89.3, "Metrolink

F2. Feature
*Steven Cuevas, KPCC 89.3, "Mockingbird Diaries"
*Queena Kim, KPCC 89.3, "California Dreaming"   
*Kim Masters, KCRW 89.9, "Hollywood Magic"
*Patricia Nazario, KPCC 89.3, "Her Three Sons "
*Frank Stoltze, KPCC 89.3, "Prison Desegregation"

F3. Investigative/Series
*Patricia Nazario, KPCC 89.3, "Her Three Sons"
*Molly Peterson, Frank Stoltze, Patricia Nazario, Queena Kim, Adolfo
Guzman-Lopez , KPCC 89.3, "Ashes of Oakridge"
*Cason Smith, KSAK 90.1,   "A Voice in Your Life"
*Frank Stoltze, KPCC 89.3, "Prison Re-Entry"
*Susan Valot, Frank Stoltze, Patricia Nazario, KPCC 89.9, "Mental Health"

F4. Arts and Entertainment/Commentary-Reviews
*Rob Long, KCRW, "Martini Shot"
*James Taylor, KCRW, "Theater Talk"

F5. Entertainment Feature
*Gail Eichenthal and Mark Hatwan, KUSC, "Jeanette Bayardelle: You're On"    
*Gail Eichenthal, Mark Hatwan and Chris Stanley, KUSC,  "The Mysterious Man-on-Wire"
*Kim Masters, KCRW, "Hollywood Magic"   
*John Rabe, KPCC, "Tom Jones"
*Cason Smith, 90.1 KSAK, "A Voice in Your Life"

F6. Sports
*Susan Valot, KPCC 89.3, "Olympic Badminton"

F7. Public Affairs
*Larry Mantle, Linda Othenin-Girard, Jackie Oclaray, Chumi Paul and Roger Rudick,  Airtalk KPCC 89.3, "Understanding Prop 8's Passage"
*Larry Mantle, Linda Othenin-Girard, Jackie Oclaray, Chumi Paul and Roger Rudick,  Airtalk KPCC 89.3, "Jerry Brown"
*Patt Morrison, Aimee Machado, Janice Watje-Hurst, Jonathan Serviss and Roger Rudick, KPCC 89.3, "RFK Tragedy Frozen in Time"
*Warren Olney, KCRW, "Iraq War Fading from View"
*John Rabe, Queena Kim, Frank Stolze, Marc Haefele, Kitty Felde, Adolfo Lopez and Rico Gagliano, KPCC 89.3, "Tom Bradley"

F8. Documentary
*Jon Kalish and Sarah Spitz, KCRW, "Barrack 18"
*Lincoln Myerson, Ariana Morgenstern, Sarah Spitz and JC Swiatek, KCRW, "McCabe's at 50"
*Cason Smith, 90.1 KSAK, "A Voice in Your Life"


G1. News/Investigative
*Radley Balko, Reason, "Guilty Before Proven Innocent"
*Vickie Bane, People Magazine, "A Place to Call Home"
*Joe Domanik, Playboy Magazine, "Saving Los Angeles"
*David Evans, Bloomberg, "Way Ahead of the Curve"
*Claude Walbert, San Diego Lawyer, "Book 'em"

G2. Feature/commentary
*Lorenzo Benet, People Magazine, "Family Matters"
*Nick Gillespie and Matt Welch, Reason Magazine, "The Libertarian Moment"
*Seth Lubove, Bloomberg News, "Aegon Calling,"
*Richard Siklos, Fortune Magazine, "The Man Who Would be Robbins, Covey and Chopra"
*Claude Walbert, San Diego Lawyer, "Hearts on Fire"

G3. Entertainment reviews/Criticism/Column
*Tim Cavanaugh, Reason, When Free Love Died: Why the Sexual Revolution Plays Only in Reruns.

G4. Entertainment News or Feature
*Alexis Chiu, People Magazine "Shania Twain story"
*Monya De, Hyphen magazine
*Barbara Gasser, Entertainment Magazine, "Tommy Lee Jones interview"
*Richard Siklos, Fortune magazine, , "The Player"
*Cynthia Wang, People Magazine, "Michael Phelps story"

G5. In-house or corporate publication
*Bennet Kelley, Internet Law Center, Monday Memo
*Elizabeth Leonard, People Magazine, "Who has the Power"
*Jim Perry, Los Angeles Firefighter, United Firefighters of Los Angeles City Local 112

G6. Design
Terry Colon, Reason magazine, "What Part of Legal Immigration Don't You Understand? A guide to America's labyrinthine immigration bureaucracy"

H. News Bureaus and Correspondents

H1. Breaking News
*Cathy Franklin, City News Service

H2. Investigative/Series
*Gary Cohn and Darrell Preston, Bloomberg
*Isla Earth Radio Series
*Eric Longabardi, Vic Walten and Brian Ross, ABC News/ Telemedia News
*Seth Lubove, Bloomberg

H3. Entertainment News or Feature
*Champ Clark, Ken Lee, Frank Sweatlow, K.C. Baker and Alex Tresniewski, People Magazine
*George Pennacchio, KABC-TV
*Richard Siklos, The Player


I1. News Story, Feature, Series or Package
*Chris Hedges, Truthdig, "The Best and the Brightest Led America Off a Cliff"
*Chris Hedges, Truthdig, "Starving for Change"
*Scott Ritter, Truthdig, "Dinner With Ahmed"
*David Weigel and Julian Sanches, Reason Magazine, "Who Wrote Ron Paul's Newsletters?"
*Wellford Wims , Truthdig, "Liberating the Schoolhouse"

I2. Multimedia Package
*Jon Gerung, The Los Angeles Daily News, "2008 Holiday Film Preview"
*Jon Gerung, The Los Angeles Daily News, "The Dark Knight Returns"
*Isla Earth Radio Series, Syndicated Radio Series
*Robert Meeks, Joseph Dickson, Chris Berry and Paul Penzella,
Presstelegram.com, "Examination of the Juvenile Justice System"

I3. Online Column/Commentary/Criticism
*Bill Boyarsky, Truthdig, "The End of an Institution"
*Drew Carey, Reason, "Food Fight: Battle of the Bacon Dogs"
*Chris Hedges, Truthdig, "Party to Murder"
*Chalmers Johnson, Truthdig,  'Managed Democracy'
*Rip Rense, The Rip Post, "Making Funny"

I4. Blogging
*Bill Boyarsky, Truthdig,  Bill Boyarsky: On The Campaign Trail
*Bennet Kelley, Huffington Post,  "Candy Bombers," Obama and the End of Wal-Mart Nation"
*Ted Johnson, Variety / Wilshire & Washington, "September 5th-Arrested Development and The Night at St. Paul"
*Pat Saperstein, Eating L.A., Denise Hamilton Embraces Vanishing Hollywood in "The Last Embrace"
*Pat Saperstein, Eating L.A., "Cherrypicking in Leona Valley: Out of L.A. for the Day"


J1. Hard News
*Tom Walters and Adam Blair, CTV News

J2. News Feature

J3. Entertainment News or Feature
*Barbara Gasser, My Entertainment Magazine, "Tommy Lee Jones"
*Barbara Gasser, SeitenBlicke, "Roland Kickinger"
*Tom Tugend, Jerusalem Post, "Carl and Rob Reiner"
*Tom Walters and Adam Blair, CTV News,  "Lucha Va Voom"
*Tom Walters and Adam Blair, CTV News, "Charlton Heston"

J4. Columnist or Critic
*Tom Walters and Adam Blair, CTV News, "What about Main Street?"


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