OC Unsurprisingly Home to Creepy Cyber Stalker

April's Spin magazine is exciting for Orange County readers, and not just because it contains a rave review for semi-local screamers Crystal Antlers, nor because -- full disclosure -- you might recognize a byline.

Flip to page 54 and start reading "Identity Crisis," a feature by David Kushner about social-network stalking (online here). There's this great, horror-movie narrative about some teen named Amor Hilton who became an exhibitionist celebrity on video life-casting site Stickam (if you want to remain sympathetic towards Hilton, steer clear of her MySpace). Hiton starts getting harassed by some guy who manages to shut off her cell phone, steal her social security number, gain control of her Stickam account -- and then uses all that to demand she send him naked pictures of herself. Hilton declines and instead gets another, more conscientious hacker to help out.

Hilton and the friendly hacker figure out that the tech-savvy perv is 22-year-old Jeffery Robert Weinberg, who had earlier hacked LexisNexis and stolen the private records of famous people. The cops start searching through Hilton's Stickam account to track down Weinberg (who told the detective, "Catch me if you can. I'm a ghost."). And then there's this:

After getting Stickam to reactivate her accounts, Hilton scoured Weinberg's trail for clues until she found five numbers buried in her hacked user info--92629--a zip code, she knew, in Orange County.

Woah, that's MY zip code! Yeah, this guy was living with his mom in Dana Point, working at a local LA Fitness club. He's in prison now, serving out a two year sentence. It's only expected we'd breed someone like this, what with Orange County's pervasive "sexting" culture.


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