OC to Rule UCLA Commencement Speakers Slot Tomorrow

Tomorrow, I will drive to my alma mater, UCLA, to give the school's commencement speech, a subject I've written about way too much already.

Really, the person you should pay attention to is the student commencement speaker, as she's one of our own: Flavia de la Fuente of Irvine.
The Daily Bruin article on de la Fuente doesn't mention it in her profile, but she's a graduate of Woodbridge High School. It does mention her tireless activism on behalf of DREAM Act students, even though de la Fuente is American by birth, Chilean by heritage and the fact that Irvine cares as much about amnesty as Larry Agran cares about ethics. Congrats, Flavia, on representing Orange County good, and here's to hoping you return to the belly of the beast instead of flying off to some progressive haven like so many previous activists...


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