OC Teen Molestor Suspended from Work in St. Louis

Remember Larry Stukenholtz? Probably not. The former Mater Dei choir teacher didn't get as much attention as his fellow molestor, former assistant boys' basketball coach Jeff Andrade. But Stukenholtz was also part of the most recent sex-abuse settlement by the Catholic Diocese of Orange.

Stukenholtz is now a music professor at St. Louis Community College, and sex-abuse victims have long tried to get the man fired. Last year, when Sarah Gray filed a lawsuit against Stukeholtz claiming he abused her at Mater Dei during the 1990s, Stukeholtz dismissed the claims as "ridiculous." But last week, school officials suspended him with pay as they "reviewed" her story. But Gray's story is pretty damning--try a sworn deposition in which Mater Dei president Patrick Murphy said Mater Dei forced Stukenholtz to resign because of "inappropriate sexual relations with a former student" damning!


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