Canyon trees are for wussies!
Canyon trees are for wussies!
LP Hastings

OC Supervisors Won't Appeal Saddle Crest Lawsuit

At the beginning of the week, there was a possibility that the Orange County Board of Supervisors would appeal Superior Court Judge Steven L. Perks surprising decision he made back in July to overturn the Saddle Crest housing development in Trabuco Canyon.

The land, near Cook's Corner, would see 150 historic oaks yanked out and the hillside graded so that Rutter Development could plop a 65-unit housing tract in its place. This was Rutter's second attempt to despoil Trabuco; their first effort (a 162-unit tract) was rejected back in 2003.

While over 2,000 canyon lovers signed a petition and rallied against the development, it still shocked them that the judge actually sided with the people and the environment, instead of the money. But Judge Perk admitted that their plans would violate the Foothill-Trabuco Specific Plan (which aims to protect the canyon environment) and pave the way for more development in the future.

Trabuco's former supervisor, Bill Campbell, supported Rutter's homes and tried his damndest to get something done. But replacement Todd Spitzer seems to be proceeding with more caution, which is probably the first time "caution" has ever been used to describe him. During a closed session on Tuesday, the supes decided to not appeal Judge Perk's decision, with Spitzer later telling the press that the Foothill-Trabuco Specific Plan would have to be greatly altered, and that it should be taken into heavy consideration first. No shit.

To follow the Saddle Crest story, check out some of our previous coverage.

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