OC Sheriff Not Scared About Budding White-Power Gang in San Clemente, Even While Freaking Out About Mexican Ones

If you ever want to talk about the racial double standards that continue to plague Orange County to this day, just check out how county law enforcement deals with gangs in South County.

For years, the Sheriff's Department, district attorney's office and the few police forces down there have applied for grants, issued gang injunctions, and generally cracked down on Latino gangs from Lake Forest down to San Clemente. Can't have anything ruin South County's self-designated reputation as our paradise, right?

But white-power gangs? Meh.

Back in the 1990s, there was a white gang based in Mission Viejo whose name escapes me right now (but I'm sure one of our faithful skinhead readers will remember) involved in assaults, robberies, and general racial mayhem--but law enforcement officials treated them with kid gloves. Today, the San Clemente Boys are a growing menace in--where else?--San Clemente, acknowledged by the sheriff's department as being involved in a growing amount of crime and adhering to a white-power ideology. But instead of sending in the Guns of Navarone, like law-enforcement officials in North County and the Huntington Beach-Costa Mesa area have done for years against the neo-Nazis out there, the sheriffs will let the Boys be boys.

That was the take offered by San Clemente Patch reporter Adam Townsend, who characterized an interview with Lt. John Coppock on the subject as the lawman saying the San Clemente Boys "don't pose a threat."

"They've kind of been around for a couple of years," Coppock told Townsend. "They're not a real active group, not real close-knit. The group identifies with white supremacist leanings, but they're not as hardcore as some of the white supremacist gangs."

Oh, please. White-power trackers know full well white-power gangs are far crazier and more dangerous than cholos (it's that Nordic initiative!), so the willful ignorance by Coppock is downright derelict--and telling. And if you ever want to talk about the racial double standards that continue to plague Orange County to this day, just check out how our loyal readers here and on Facebook will justify this double-standard as necessary because everyone knows gabachos are A-OK and Mexicans sheer evil...

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