Craig Hunter, OCCCWS's man
Craig Hunter, OCCCWS's man

OC Sheriff Candidate Hunter Gets Concealed Weapons PAC's Nod

This post tells how OCCCWS, a Costa Mesa-based political action committee (PAC) that aims to expand the distribution of concealed weapons permits, told members funds were being collected to take legal action against Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens, who has limited permit distribution.

If you waded farther into Clockwork's bloggery, you discovered the OCCCWS (you don't know how difficult it is to make sure you've typed the right number of C's) "anticipates increased expenditures soon, as the number of candidates running against the Sheriff increases."
It was then deduced that that could have been a reference to candidate Bill Hunt, who'd announced he would run against Hutchens in next year's election. This was based on just having been to a Hunt fund-raiser that included former Graham County, Arizona, Sheriff Richard Mack, who successfully prevented the Clinton White House from implementing parts of the James Brady gun control bill, plus many staunchly pro-gun folks in the crowd.

Well, color Clockwork fulla horse puckey 'cause OCCCCCCWS is throwing its considerable weight and C's behind just-announced candidate Craig Hunter, who is the Anaheim Police Department's second-in-command.

"After extensive communications and research on the available candidates for Sheriff of Orange County, OCCCWS is proud to announce our support and endorsement for Craig Hunter, Anaheim Deputy Chief of Police, for Sheriff of Orange County in the 2010 election," reads an email blast to supporters. "Please join us in offering your support and congratulations to Chief Hunter, as we begin the march towards victory in November 2010!"


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