Obama wasn't the first black to be belittled for winning powerful job...
Obama wasn't the first black to be belittled for winning powerful job...

OC Republicans vs Black Power: Original Footage of First Encounter?

For fictional purposes, the place was called "Rock Ridge" and the setting was put at 137 years ago somewhere in the American West.

But nowadays, how can there be doubt that Hollywood's historic comedy, Blazing Saddles, was actually based on Orange County--the white, snobby, upper-middle-class southern suburb of Los Angeles?

The inauguration of America's first black president in 2009 inspired an elected, white Republican official here to joke that the White House would now be surrounded by watermelons.

In the most recent racial attack on President Barack Obama, another white, Republican, elected official sent an email this month to fellow conservatives that depicted Obama and his parents as chimpanzees, accompanied by the statement "Now we know why no birth certificate."

You see, black people--even if they rise to the most powerful, elected office on the planet--are really still stupid, un-American monkeys.

Funny, right?

Funny, perhaps, if you didn't know that history is repeating itself. In Blazing Saddles--a 1974 comedy--a black man is named sheriff of Rock Ridge by the state's governor, and without ever seeing him in person, the townfolk are elated a brave hero is coming to save them from all the mistakes that have them on the verge of annihilation.

But they are elated only for as long as they don't know the color of their hero's skin.

Here, captured in Youtube glory, this scene seems to capture Orange County conservatives in 2011:


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