OC Republicans Rebuke Dana Rohrabacher's Anti-Mexican Ways for First Time, Like, Ever

Earlier this week, Clockwork Coker reported that Dana Rohrabacher (R-Once Had a Pedophile Work for Him) called GOP senator Marco Rubio a "weasel" because of the Floridian's efforts to try and pass immigration reform. Never mind that Rubio's proposal solves nothing, is punitive, and perfectly befitting of the GOP's stance on the issue--one illegal given amnesty is too many illegals given amnesty, and Dana's mad about it.

Dana's been doing this stupidity for years now, with nary a peep from his fellow GOPers--until today.

In a self-important press release, the Lincoln Club of Orange County stated that Dana's wrong, wrong wrong.

"Just as the country is struggling to start a serious, adult debate about immigration," blabs Michael Capaldi, the club's former chairman and eternal douche, "Dana Rohrabacher jumps in, turns up the volume, and blasts responsible leaders--in his own party...Marco Rubio has worked harder than anyone--Democrat or Republican--to fix our broken immigration policies, policies that make no sense for anyone..The senator deserves thanks, not petty attacks."

While I guess we should congratulate the Lincoln Club for finally rebuking Rohrabacher, Capaldi's statement and the rest of the press release couldn't be more self-serving if they were a lazy Susan. The club has been advocating a type of immigration reform for years, but it's predicated on essentially restarting the disastrous bracero program and allowing the most limited type of amnesty imaginable. And their continued deification of Rubio when the coño has done little to nothing on the issue shows why the Lincoln Club is taking its Aztlanista-lite position: they realize their party is slowly dying, and that they need Mexis to join lest they become as irrelevant and gabacho as the American TP Party.

Still, a rebuke is a rebuke, so we'll give Capaldi that. I'll drink to your self-serving party tonight with a shot of Patrón, which I'll promptly spit into the gutter where the GOP belongs...right next to the Dems, of course!

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