As Kushner sings, "La la lalalala la lala la la"
As Kushner sings, "La la lalalala la lala la la"

OC Register Subscribers Reduced to Delivering Their Own Papers After Kushner's Distribution Disaster

How bad are Orange County Register owner Aaron Kushner's delivery woes in the wake of the Los Angeles Times wanting to collect on $3.5 million in unpaid bills for delivering the Reg? It's not just 30,000+ complaint-calls bad: it's Reg readers--reduced-to-delivering-their-own-papers bad.

At least that's how Register subscriber Sarah Fenton tells it. She was kind enough to provide the following dispatch from the field.

I guess I can unofficially add newspaper delivery carrier to my resume...

We subscribe to the Orange County Register and hadn't received a paper in the past two days due to a "transition to new delivery carriers."

Today would have been day three without receiving a paper, but on my way to school this morning I found a bundle of OC Register papers scattered on the ground outside our community gates.

Luckily, the addresses were written on each paper so I delivered them to the houses after school.

I understand the new delivery carriers probably didn't know how to get in, but I don't think it was right of them to just throw them on the floor, as if it were trash, and leave.

The problem isn't just that people are paying for these papers and aren't receiving them, but a lot of work goes into making each paper and the fact that their own delivery carriers are treating them like trash is horrible.

OC Register: Newspapers aren't dead yet, so don't let your deliverers treat your papers like trash.

Here's a photo Fenton provided us:

Photo courtesy of Sarah Fenton

Kudos, Sarah, for being a good neighbor. May Kushner reward your graciousness with vice-president position at Freedom Communications--your common sense would do far more to save that disaster than any of the pendejos currently there...

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