Tig ol' Aztec bitties...
Tig ol' Aztec bitties...

OC Register Publishes Image of Fully Exposed Aztec Goddess Breast; Half of Reg's Readers Suffer Coronary in Outrage

I haven't picked up today's dead-tree edition of the Orange County Register, but their supposedly impenetrable paywall does have an infographic about the Day of the Dead, in order to appear multicultural and shit but also explain basic tenets of OC life to their aging South County audience. It's not bad, but what's most hilarious is that they published an image of a big, beautiful indigenous Mexican breast--dark, thick nipple and all--in the image you see at right.

The chichis in question belong to Mictecacihuatl, the queen of the Aztec underworld. And while we applaud the Reg for publishing Aztec gods in their paper, long until readers start bombarding the Reg with complaints about indecency? This is the readership, of course, that gets angry if articles are done about twerking or Mexicans in a positive light; now, to see Mexican breasts in their rag? HILARIOUS!

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