Brusic: Would rather apologize to pedo-apologists than skewer them...
Brusic: Would rather apologize to pedo-apologists than skewer them...

OC Register Editor, Publisher Weakly Capitulate to Pedo-Priest Apologists

I've been away for a bit, so am late to this story: last week, Orange County Register reporter Teri Sforza did an innocuous-enough post titled, "Think you can spot the sex offender in the crowd?" that dealt with some California Attorney General report or other about perverts. The original post apparently had an illustration of a Catholic priest to accompany the post—I say "apparently," because Register editor Ken Brusic ordered it taken down after a bunch of pedo-priest apologist Catholics wrote in to complain at the behest of the reprehensible Bill Donohue of the Catholic League. And publisher Terry Horne wrote a letter of apology to the group, crying, "Singling out one group, especially in such a recognizable way, was unfair and inappropriate."

Poor Sforza was reduced to writing she "certainly did not mean to suggest that all clergymen are abusers" by using the priest illustration, a rare retreat for the otherwise-fearless reporter. Oh, Teri: The only people who claim anti-Catholic bias when it comes to the sex-abuse scandal or get offended at pedo-priest jokes or insinuations are the same ones who feel sodomized kids wanted it; they deserve the fires of Gehenna for siding against the children of Christ and with the snakes called the Catholic hierarchy. They deserve no apologies, only scorn and ridicule.

And Brusic and Horne: way to stand by your reporter, pendejo. Way to side with Diocese of Orange Bishop Tod D. Brown, who never met a child rape he didn't try to cover up, or a reporter he didn't tried to shame into viewing pedophilia his way—heckuva job, Brownie!

Oh, and the offending illustration that made a wimp out of Brusic (in fairness, Horne has been a weakling ever since he parachuted in from Arizona)? After the jump!


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