OC Register Disses the Angels' G.A.

Quite a night last night for Garret Anderson, who socked in a club record 10 ribbies for the Angels in their 18-9 thrubbing of the hapless Yankees, who they totally OWN (the Halos are the only MLB team with a winning record against the pinstriped peckerwoods during the Joe Torre era). Included in G.A.'s stats were two home runs, one of them a grand slam -- in his final at-bat, the man was a three-run homer short of breaking the all-time single-game RBI record.

A big deal, for sure. So how did the local press play it? The LA Times did it up huge -- a front-page A1 color photo teasing the story in the sports section, and once you flipped there, a good-size banner headline above the fold. Then we picked up today's OC Register, and could've sworn the two daily rags had switched geographies -- nothing but a small, below-fold blurb on A1, and on the front sports page, a standard report on the game, as if 10 ribbies smacked by one player in a single game was a perfectly ordinary event (it's not; a 10+ RBI game is rarer than a pitcher hurling a perfect game).

The kicker: at the top of the Reg sports section was a report on yet another loss by the rapidly-disintegrating LA Dodgers. Yeesh!


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