OC Register Discovers Ricardo Aldana Was Pervert Before at Hawthorne High--Two Months After Weekly Broke News

In some ways, I feel bad for the Orange County Register. Their institutional knowledge has been eroded to only a couple of reporters and editors--and many of them plain suck, upholding the angle that the lords of Orange County dictate. That can be the only explanation as to why the Reg reported today that accused child molester Ricardo Aldana, the former JSerra High Spanish teacher, was accused of the same last decade at Hawthorne High--two months after we reported the same.
Reporter Frank Shyong ignored this very pertinent point in the Aldana scandal for months--but instead of excoriating JSerra for not digging deep enough into Aldana's past, he gives the private Catholic school a pass, allowing spokesperson and former Reg investigative reporter Bill Rams the luxury of 20/20 hindsight; he told Shyong, "Had we known, we wouldn't have hired him."

Well, DUH, Bill (whom we know a bit and like). But Shyong doesn't ask a simple question: if what Rams says is true, why didn't JSerra know? Or, as people with institutional knowledge in OC know, is it really just a case of JSerra officials not giving a shit about child molesters and allowing them to hang around campus, just like they did with John Lenihan? In fact, why doesn't Shyong mention that Lenihan served as an adviser to JSerra in its early days, even though he had admitted to molesting girls long ago?

That's what we call a "historical pattern" in OC, Frank. Ask one of your editors about it--better yet, don't. Heckuva job, Brownie!

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