OC Pot Dealer Cheers Fed Crackdown on Medical Marijuana

The wire service United Press International has a funny story that went up this weekend: pot dealers are really happy that the Obama administration has been cracking down on the medical marijuana industry.

The Sept. 8 story's funny in part because of it's headline: "California's Medical Pot Trade Thriving," since that would seem to go against all the news reports of federal drug agents raiding dispensaries, cities banning them, and cannabis collectives being forced to shutter thanks to threats against landlords throughout the state.

The headline would be more accurate without the word "medical," as the article itself makes clear: the Obama crackdown is working wonders for the underground weed market.

UPI quotes an anonymous pot dealer who recently told the Los Angeles Times how happy he is about the lack of competition from legitimate medical marijuana purveyors. "It's back to the underground," he apparently told the Times. "Anyone who is smart is just going to take it back to the streets."

According to the mystery weed dealer, anybody who is still stupid enough to register with the state, pay taxes or otherwise operate in the open in the mistaken belief that they're obeying state law and are therefore immune from prosecution deserves to be be busted. "The reality is you can't do that," he said. "Everyone is just registering for their own take-down."

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