OC Judge Shellacks Cypress Cafe Killer

I'm guessing that Stephenson Choi Kim won't be able to serve his entire sentence for a 2004 Cypress restaurant gang shooting.

On Friday, Kim--who was convicted of murder, six counts of attempted murder and gang enhancements at a 2011 jury trial--officially learned that he would not receive the leniency he and his family sought.

Superior Court Judge John Conley, a former prosecutor, left no room for guessing how seriously he views Kim's crimes.

Conley sentenced him to consecutively serve seven life terms and then an extra 155 years, according to court records.

Kim, the little tough guy who went by his Asian criminal street gang moniker "Dragon," entered a crowded Fifth Wave Cafe in March 2004, walked up to a table, and began shooting at people he'd never met.

He senselessly murdered 22-year-old Venus Huyn and seriously wounded several others.

In prior hearings, Kim's family described the defendant as a a polite angel who deserved a second chance.

But veteran homicide prosecutor Cameron Talley hailed him a cold blooded killer who used the crime to heighten his own status in the gang world.

Go HERE to read prior coverage of the case.

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