OC GOP Rubber Stamps Racism

OC Blog has an interesting post on Orange County Republican Central Committee endorsements for various local offices. Even more entertaining are the back-and-forth comments between Weekly pal Jubal and Tim Whitacre--with some chiming in by Art Pedroza and Karen A Finn--about internal bylaws, and motions and ex-officios and alternate members rights and . . . argghhhhh! . . . that talk got so hot we just messed our shorts. Excuse us while we change.

. . .

There, that's better. Anyway, we couldn't help noticing the OC GOP is backing Allan Mansoor for reelection to the Costa Mesa City Council. As OC Blog has previously posted--here, here, here--and as the Weekly has reported--here, here and here, and most recently here--Mansoor has scary close ties to racist nutbar Martin H. Millard.

Which brings us back full circle to that endorsement: is the OC GOP Central Committee closing its eyes to this nonsense or endorsing it as well? Either way, it don't sound too "Party of Lincoln" to us.

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