OC DREAM Team to Hermandad Mexicana: Drop Our Logo From Your Fliers!

Divisions within the immigrant rights movement are nothing new. Mega marchas in Los Angeles became fragmented over the years with different organizations and coalitions having demonstrations at different times and places. Here too in SanTana, May Day rallies have succumbed to the same dynamic. Who's marching at what time and where to again?

When President Barack Obama (aka the Deporter-in-Chief) announced his Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy in June, it came as DREAM activists pressured the administration by courageously risking arrest and deportation as they staged sit-ins at Obama for America offices in numerous cities across the nation.

Now that the terms of eligibility have been laid out, DACA clinics and applications have become grounds for a flier war in SanTana with the Orange County DREAM Team issuing a public statement demanding that Hermandad Mexicana Latinoamericana remove their logo from distributed fliers soliciting applications at local offices. 

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Affirming that their logo, which ingeniously plays on the border crossing caution sign by showing students in caps and gowns instead, has gained recognition beyond local communities emblazoning t-shirts and giving identity to all they do, the organization was steadfast in its words.

"It has recently come to our attention that Hermandad Mexicana is using the OCDT logo, an important part of our organization, to promote Deferred Action services for which they charge," the statement released yesterday reads. "It has also come to our attention that members of the community have seen our logo on Hermandad Mexicana's fliers and paid for their services thinking that OCDT had partnered with them."

"We would like to clarify this: OCDT has never and will never work with Hermandad Mexicana or any other group that exploits the anxieties of the undocumented community to make a profit."

Even before eligibility terms for DACA were clarified, the Orange County DREAM Team began to organize well attended and free informational clinics in cities like Anaheim, Garden Grove and elsewhere. The organization is claiming creative common license with their logo and says that they tried to respectfully engage the issue to no avail. Folks from Los Amigos of Orange County attempted to mediate with no results. The Weekly has requested a statement from

As we are a week away from an election that may prove pivotal to the issue at hand ultra-pendejo Mitt Romney has said he would honor already accepted DACA applications while at the same time vowing to discontinue the policy should he assume the presidency, the OCDT is readying to do what it has done for the past few months.

Together with Western State University College of Law as host, they will present another free DACA clinic at the facility in Fullerton, Saturday, November 10 from 1-5 p.m.

There's a flier circulating for the event. It has the OCDT logo featured prominently at the top twice and there's no pedo about it.

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