OC Dream Team and ACLAMO Drops Banners On I-5 Overpasses to Pressure Obama for Further Immigration Reform

THE big scandal over the past month or so in the Latino pundit world has been columnist Ruben Navarrette eviscerating undocumented student activists for what he claims is their selfish motives in pushing for immigration reform, and the simultaneous eye-rolling and retching of every non-vendido Latino in America over Ruben's wacky attack. So I'm sure ol' Ruben (who's actually a pal of mine) will be steaming in his well-shined shoes this morning, with news that OC's always-awesome DREAMers held a protest early this morning at various points of the 5 Freeway to pressure Obama into further immigration reform.

Courtesy of Joese Hernandez

The two groups participating were the Orange County Dream Team and ACLAMO, a student group based out of Saddleback College. The former took to the I-5 overpasses off Magnolia Avenue in Anacrime and Main Street in SanTana; the latter got the Ortega Highway bridge. If you passed by these locations from 5:30 this morning to about 8 a.m., that was them!

Representing in South County
Representing in South County
ACLAMO's Facebook page

"As great as Deferred Action is, many members of our undocumented community do not benefit from this policy," said OC Dream Team member Jesus Cortez in a press release. "We should demand a more inclusive immigration policy that respects the human rights and dignity of all immigrants."

Good for them! Look for more--much more--from these two groups. And watch Navarrette get his pen ready for another lashing--and for the DREAMers to come back and smack him down. Fun times!

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