Brown: Loves his pedo-anything!
Brown: Loves his pedo-anything!

OC Diocese Hires Pedo-Protector as Assistant Superindendent for Church Schools

About two months ago, the Catholic Diocese of Orange put out a help-wanted ad for a new position: Associate Superintendent for Finance & Advancement. The job, a description stated, entails the applicant "to offer oversight, support and professional consultation to parishes/schools, high schools, Office of Faith Formation, and to other diocesan organizations on school marketing and full enrollment concepts, financial planning for schools, formal long-range planning, and fiscal management."

True to form, sources say Orange Bishop Tod D. Brown has hired a pedophile protector to the position, but the surprising part is that His Excellency went outside his rotten grove to nab the hire: Tracy Brennan*. Yes: the same Tracy Brennan who was principal at Saddleback High School in Santa Ana last year when one Alonso Manuel Gonzalez was arrested (and later convicted) for molesting a disabled child yet never got around to alerting parents about the pervert and commanded staff to shut up about the incident. Who ignored previous warnings about said pervert. Who did virtually the exact same thing at her previous job for the Anaheim Union High School District.

The best reaction comes from the late, great Wally George: SICK, SICK, SICK!

A diocesan worker (sure as hell not official spokeshole Ryan Lilygren, who wouldn't return a call or email for comment from me if I had proof of the Holy Grail) confirmed Brennan starts work next week. And, finally, the depraved worlds of the Orange diocese and the Banana Republic of SanTana unite...

*This Tracy Brennan is not the same Tracy Brennan who graduated from Cornelia Connelly High in 1986 and is now a major Hollywood agent.


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