From left: Hear no Evil, See no Evil, Reported All the Evil
From left: Hear no Evil, See no Evil, Reported All the Evil

OC Dem Chair Frank Barbaro a Carona Apologist?!

Earlier this morning, I nearly spit out my quesadilla and beans-with-rice breakfast while watching Inside OC with Rick Reiff on KOCE-TV Channel 50. The subject was disgraced, felonious ex-sheriff Mike Carona, and the guests were Democratic Part of Orange County chair Frank Barbaro, former Carona spokeshole Jon Fleischman, and our own R. Scott Moxley. Barbaro actually said that "the media convicted Carona" long before federal judge Andrew Guiliford sentenced Carona to five-and-a-half years in federal prison. When Rick pointed out that the media was "right" about Carona, Barbaro paused and pointed out that the sheriff was convicted only on one count, quickly adding he's a friend of Debbie "The Deb Who's the Wife" Carona, and "didn't hear the evidence."

Excuse me, Frank? The media--most of all, the Weekly--merely reported the facts about Carona for the past four years, and for you to intone some kind of unfair reportorial treatment of the scumbag is the same shit Carona's Alice-in-Wonderland gang have long claimed. You know it's a strange day in Orange County when Fleischman criticized Carona harsher than Barbaro.

Watch the episode by clicking here (hey, Rick: Ever heard of YouTube?). As the late, great Wally George would shout 'til his wig trembled: SICK, SICK, SICK!

P.S.: A couple of weeks ago, Orange County workers union head Nick Berardino also acted like a Carona apologist, predicting he'd get the conviction overturned. Do all the bigwig paisanes in la naranja like to practice omertà or something?


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