Dennis Rodman and his estranged wife Michelle Moyer Rodman.
Dennis Rodman and his estranged wife Michelle Moyer Rodman.

OC Court Orders Dennis Rodman to Pay $50,000 a Month in Child Support: Wife's Attorney

A Los Angeles celebrity lawyer announced today that he obtained a court order in Orange County Superior Court requiring Dennis Rodman to pay his estranged wife Michelle Moyer Rodman $50,000 per month in support for their two children.

The court also found the cross-dressing bad boy, formerly of the NBA and Newport Beach, was $100,000 in arrears in child support for his 8-year-old son DJ and a 7-year-old daughter Trinity, according to Marshall W. Waller, the lead litigator for Feinberg & Waller.

As a result of the lack of previous support, the attorney said, Rodman's Mrs. of five years and the kids had the utilities shut off in their home, which they were eventually evicted out of.

"Michelle Rodman's ability to provide basic necessities for her children was severely limited by Dennis Rodman's failure to provide ample support for the children," states Waller. "On December 7, 2009, the law offices of Feinberg & Waller, APC was successful in obtaining a court order in the Orange County Superior Court, case number 04D002751, requiring Dennis Rodman to pay Michelle $50,000.00 per month child support. The court also made a finding that Dennis Rodman was $100,000.00 in arrears on child support."

He continued: "Dennis Rodman refused earlier requests to voluntarily agree to a child support order without resort to court intervention. Michelle Rodman testified that Dennis Rodman allowed over $20,000 in medical bills for his children to accrue without making any contribution whatsoever to those bills, thus limiting the availability of medical care for the children. The State of California will now assist in the collection of this support and these arrears through wage assignment and other collection services."

Waller says the action against The Worm will send a message to all deadbeat dads who feel they can live the high life while at the same time ignore their responsibilities as parents.

"Too often we see entertainment and sports celebrities falling into trouble with their spouses and families," he said. "It is time that these high earning celebrities and sports figures stand up and take stock of their responsibilities to their families. They need to realize that there are people other than themselves, specifically their spouses and children, who need their love, attention and support. The problem of deadbeat dads leaving children in their wake is an international problem; strict enforcement of child support laws is necessary to protect the best interests of children worldwide. Dennis Rodman should be in the hall of shame not a hall of fame."

Rodman's in the Hall of Fame? Hmmm . . .

No word yet from Rodman's legal team.

Some close to The Worm lashed out at Moyer in April, when she dissed Rodman on Dr. Phil, pleading with her freaky hubby to quit drinking--then told friends she was paid for doing so.

"Michelle has been bragging that Dr. Phil showered her with gifts to appear on his show," a source told the New York Daily News. "She says he gave her a scholarship fund for her kids, a car ... even a job in exchange for her appearance."

Another source told the muckrakers, "Michelle claims she was given a car, yes. The scholarship is for hair-training school. She's never worked a day in her life before."

Dr. Phil McGraw's flak responded, "No enticements were offered to Michelle Moyer to secure her as a guest. She wrote to us and asked to be on. As with all guests, however, we do arrange help in areas where they are struggling - in this case, advice from a career counselor, and [hair care company] Paul Mitchell offered a scholarship to beauty school if Ms. Moyer chooses to go in that direction. She was not given a car."

Later that same month, Los Angeles Police were called to a hotel after receiving a report of a domestic dispute. Rodman was arrested that night for domestic violence after it was determined he allegedly hit a woman.

The victim, who reportedly sustained injuries to her arm, was not identified.


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